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The advent of the Anthropocene imaginary has resulted in an increased focus on the dimension of Deep Time. If it is true that we Sapiens have been here for at least three hundred thousand years, then it is useful to consider our history from the beginning and not just from the last five thousand years, which is our reference point. This shifts our whole perspective by giving us back a view that shows how we are who we were―designed to live outdoors and to move around.

It becomes clear how what we call civilization is a recent event caused by climate change ten thousand years ago, and a different light is shed on the climate change that is taking place today.

The Anthropocene is a method of reading reality. Everything is changing: the economy, how to think and make culture, the very view of the world and the human being’s place in the cosmos. The issues, fears, needs, concepts, rules, scenarios and discourse on which our culture is based have suddenly become obsolete and unusable. The point of no return is behind us; we have entered the aftermath. 

What can we do? What are the tools for the after? What scenarios await us? What issues need to be addressed? We need to imagine.

TFA is a workshop of ideas, solutions, projects, imaginings, models and tools to draw a collective map of the imaginary of the Anthropocene, a collaborative exploration of possibilities, solutions and ways to deal with everyday practice. It is a call to a utopia, to develop the imaginary, to propose ideas, and to build a survival manual for the world’s coming transformations, an atlas of solutions, a range of strategies.