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TFA CINEMA FESTIVAL has two sections: 
  1. SHORT MOVIES ― the result of a call addressed to Italian filmmakers, in collaboration with several Italian schools.

  2. PANORAMA an invitation-only section aimed not only at film and video professionals, but also artists, researchers and scientists with a view to developing and deepening the subjects of TFA. The result is a “panorama” of innovative, popular and experimental proposals in the form of videos made by some of the best Italian researchers. PANORAMA is divided into SCIENCE, with purely scientific works, ART, which presents themed documentaries, and FICTION with more specifically cinematographic works.


is a selection of the most interesting proposals of new Italian cinematography, presented to Australian audiences. The whole project works around themes related to the Anthropocene, asking what will be the tools to deal with the future, and presenting works that start from the scenarios derived from the transformations of the Anthropocene.


the capitol

The TFA CINEMA FESTIVAL will take place at THE CAPITOL cinema, considered one of the most iconic cinemas in the world. Located on Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD, it was opened in 1924 in full art deco style and described by Fellini as the world’s most beautiful cinema.

1, 8, 15 October 2023

113 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Curated by the TFA organization with Antar Corrado, Elisa Roncalli.

In collaboration with:

NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano
Accademia di Belle Arti di Foggia


1 October, h. 3 pm

TENDER EXTINTION, Theathral show, Neja company, directed by Nores Cerfeda, 50 min


SEACABÒ, by Antar Corrado, 12 min

68.415, by Antonella Sabatino e Stefano Blasi, 20 min

THEN & NOW by Giulia Tata, Antonino Torrisi, 18 min

IN HER SHOES, by Maria Jovine, 19 min

MEDUSA, by Antar Corrado, 10 min

MISE EN ABYME, by Edoardo Smerilli, 11 min

FIGLIE DELLE STELLE, by Edoardo Smerilli, 17 min

EGGSHELL, by Ryan William Harris, 13 min

48 GRADI, Andrea Di Iorio, 8 min

PLEISTOCITY, by Green Utopia, 7 min


H2O, 7 min



AKKA, Mattia De Gennaro, Accademia di Belle Arti di Foggia, 16 min

SERAPH, by Andrea Marchini, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, 5 min

LA VETRINA, by Asia Allegretti, Ilaria Mantovani, Chiara Cordini, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, 5 min

MOENA, by Daniele Caruso, Matteo Boscolo Gioachina, Matteo Carnio, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, 12 min

SPIDER STRATEGY, by Sofia Alberghini, 9 min

INSANIA, by Marcello Maietta, Sofia Alberghini, 4 min

8 October, h. 4 pm

GIARDINI INDECISI , by Emilio Tremolada, 1h

MELT, by ESA, European Space Agency, 30 min


ZIO RIZ, by Raffaela Mariniello, 1h

MISSIONE ARTICO, by Claudia Amico, 30 min



15 October, h. 3 pm

REOPENING COLOSSEUM, by Davide Morabito and Luca Lancise, 52 min
RISACCA DEL 900, by Maurizio Finotto, 8 min
CAMBIO, by Formafantasma, 23 min
FOREST, by Mali Weil, 1h13m

RAM, by Gaetano Fracassio, 1h

NELL’INSONNIA DI VEDERE IN SENNO LA LUCE, by Giorgiomaria Cornelio, Lucamatteo Rossi, 27 min



On 1 October 2023, the theatrical piece Tender Extinction (Tenera Estinzione) by Maurizio Corrado will be performed simultaneously in Melbourne, Australia and Bologna, Italy.  

In Melbourne, at the Capitol Cinema, 113 Swanston St. Melbourne VIC 3000, at 3 pm, the show will be performed in English by the Neja Company, with Antonia Yip, Emma Prentice, Jasmin Shojai, directed by Nores Carfeda.


In Bologna, at the Teatro del Navile, via Marescalchi 2b, at 9 p.m. the show will be performed by the Compagnia del Teatro del Navile, with Ana Bisbal, Camilla Cordelli, Cecilia Lo Gioco, directed by Nino Campisi. 


The show sums up some of the themes of the Tools For After Festival. We are living in a world that has ended two weeks ago; two sisters find themselves on a hill, among memories of childhood and a present that has suddenly collapsed. A voice speaks to one of them, telling her that humans are now dying out. A third girl arrives who doesn’t seem to notice anything, but we discover that each of them has something to say about this strange end of the world. The short film Seacabò by Antar Corrado, which will open the Tools For After Cinema festival, is based on this play.


October 1, h. 3pm


by Antar Corrado, 12 min

In the middle of an ordinary day, the line is crossed and the inexorable extinction of the human race begins. A girl is on her way to a business meeting when she hears a voice tenderly warning her that it is now over.

Production Year: 2019


by Antonella Sabatino and Stefano Blasi, 20 min

In a world without food and overrun by plastic, the Zigle Clinic experiments with a new method of nutritional re-education. Giulia attends group sessions led by the exuberant nurse Isolde. But behind the manipulative nursery rhymes and encouragement lies an unimaginable truth.

Distribution: Premiere Film
Production Year: 2022


by Giulia Tata, Antonino Torrisi, 18 min

In a dystopian future, aliens fleeing from a destroyed planet have peacefully invaded Earth, presenting themselves as bringers of progress and new technologies and immediately gaining the full cooperation of humans. Afel, an Earth boy with no home or roots, witnesses as he travels the world how the human race has become increasingly subjugated and enslaved in the name of progress, ultimately destroying the planet and its ecosystem. Involved in the protests and subsequent clashes between humans and aliens, Afel will eventually make the decision to take sides and fight for the salvation of humanity.

Production Year: 2018


by Maria Jovine, 19 min

In a world turned upside down, where women hold positions of power and men take care of the family, Domenico tells his daughter about himself, beginning with a tender memory. In a letter, she relives the joy of her birth, her childhood, the dreams of a happy family, but also the painful renunciation of her father and her husband, both of whom stifled her real aspirations and desires. Through archival images, In Her Shoes rewrites history: men united in a liberation movement. The images of our past no longer tell us who we are, but here they present us with a challenge. What would men have done if they had found themselves in women's shoes? Would they have banded together to make their voices heard? And would women have stood by and watched or would they have become aware of their privilege?

Production Year: 2019


by Antar Corrado, 10 min

The world is ruled by artificial intelligence that takes the form of mirrors; it raises humans, educating them to its needs. A little girl, growing up with the idea of becoming immortal like her "mother", discovers the existence of an immortal jellyfish and decides to transfer her consciousness to the animal. It is the beginning of an evolutionary leap that will allow our species to survive in a world now under water.

Year of production: 2020


by Edoardo Smerilli, 11 min

A bizarre butterfly collector is to discover that he himself is part of an even larger collection.

Year of production: 2020


by Edoardo Smerilli, 17 min

Two sisters clash over a terrible question: what to do with the body of their recently deceased mother. One sister wants to cremate her while the other one would like to deep freeze her.

Year of production: 2021


by Ryan William Harris, 13 min

Joey's life alternates between the fantastical world of childhood and the harsh reality of Irish suburbia. After constructing a shell of fantasy to protect himself from family problems, Joey is forced to face the premature arrival of adulthood.

Distribution: Sayonara Film (Elenfant Distribution)
Year of production: 2020


by Andrea Di Iorio, 8 min

On a day when the temperature is rising relentlessly, a woman finds herself stranded in her car. Her only salvation is the air conditioning―until the car breaks down.

Distribution: Premiere Film
Production Year: 2022


by Green Utopia, 7 min

What is Pleistocene culture? Is it possible that what we were before sedentarization can tell us about the present?

Production year: 2015


by Patrizia Varone e Virginia Catellani, 18 min

the sea of the future, by Patrizia Varone and Virginia Catellani, 18 min.
It is the sea of Ulysses, Homer, the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Saracens. It is the sea of beauty and art, of trade and food seen through the photographic images of Alessandra Basile, Alessandra Cardone, Michele Crameri, Alberto Giuliani, Enrico Doria, Alessio Mamo, Alessio Paduano, Christian Minelli, Luca Quagliato, Michele Amoruso, Michele Martinelli, Valeria Sacchetti, Vittorio Sciosia and Pasquale Vassallo.

Production Lo Cunto Association
Year of production: 2023


by Roberto Marcatti e Cintya Concari, 7 min

A work on water as a resource―an asset to be safeguarded, and a universal right.

Year of production: 2023




by Mattia De Gennaro, Academy of Fine Arts, Foggia, 16 min.

The arrival of a young couple in the ruins of a ghost town causes the latter to come to life and take on human features. Disoriented, she is soon attracted by a growing hissing sound that leads her to wander around to discover its origin. What she discovers will confront her with a truth that until then she has been unable to comprehend.

Photography: Davide d'Addato
Editing: Alessandra Quacquarelli, Davide d'Addato, Gabriele Ciavarella
Production: Academy of Fine Arts, Foggia
Year of production: 2022


by Andrea Marchini, NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts), Milan, 5 min.

In a world that seems desolate, Luc sets himself a challenge: to overcome the obstacles that lie before him. The goal is distant but the will to reach it is unfailing. But when what you strive for does not end in the desired result, what is left for you to do? With certainty failing and death imminent, at the very end comes the moment when Luc's vision is flung wide open.

Production year: 2023


by Asia Allegretti, Ilaria Mantovani and Chiara Cordini, NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) Milan, 5 min.

La Vetrina is an animated short film that reflects ironically on contemporary issues of the individual, such as the exposability of the individual’s image and the relationship between the individual and the crowd. The mirror of the shop window separates people, but reflects their appearance. Where is the viewer's gaze positioned?

Year of production 2023


by Daniele Caruso, Matteo Boscolo Gioachina and Matteo Carnio, NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) Milan, 12 min.

The film is set over a night on a motor-boat from Chioggia―a night spent between boredom and anxieties, serenity and storminess, silently observing a deeply-rooted reality, a foreign world that lives parallel to our own. In the dialect of Chioggia, "moena" means the rough sea that surrounds and moves the boat, imposing nature on the daily life of the sailors.

Production year 2023


by Sofia Alberghini, 9 min

A psychologist suffering from pathological narcissism must confront his guilt during what is a seemingly normal session between a psychologist and his patient. The film is a metaphor of contemporary contradictions.

Production year 2023


by Marcello Maietta and Sofia Alberghini, 4 min.

A father finds that he and his daughter are involved in a battle with diversity, marginalization and time. He is afraid of having to say goodbye to her for the last time without having lived every possible moment together. The father, trying to give his daughter moments of joy and lightheartedness, invites her friends, but clashes with the superficiality of her peers, who treat her as "different", as sick.

Production year 2023


October 8, h. 4pm


by Emilio Tremolada, 77 min

Through a range of experiences and lived in nature, Uncertain Gardens captures the intimate dilemma of the contemporary garden and its practitioners. Pushing the boundaries of the roles in which today’s garden has become unraveled, Uncertain Gardens asks what is the totality to be recomposed. Without judgment or sentimentality, Uncertain Gardens gathers the silent movement of vegetation in urban areas, the patient industriousness of the person who raises queen bees, the decades-long gathering of forgotten fruit varieties, the mystical creativity of a sculptor of bones and stones, the dedication of ordinary people in the collective cultivation of vegetables, or of the individual person in tending the garden in a way that does not harm the earth. The film features Lara Amalfitano, Benedetta Berardi, Carla Leni, Francesca Bettini, Isabella Dalla Ragione, Lorenz Kuntner, and the gardeners of the San Faustino garden. Uncertain Gardens seeks to answer the question that has always puzzled gardeners: what makes a garden a garden?

Direction: Emilio Neri Tremolada
Music by Andrea Inchierchia
Production Year 2022


by ESA (European Space Agency), 30 min.

This is a documentary that follows ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano and a team of glaciologists and climate experts on their journey through the Alps to discover how rising global temperatures are affecting glaciers. The documentary features stunning footage of the Gorner Glacier and interviews with climate specialists who explain how we can monitor glaciers using both satellite data and in-situ measurements.

Production Year 2021


by Raffaela Mariniello, 1h

ZioRiz takes its name from the Canadian canoe in which, in the film, a man slowly descends the waters of the Volturno River, from its natural source in Rocchetta al Volturno to its mouth in the Tyrrhenian Sea near the town of Castel Volturno.
The narrative, punctuated by the meandering waters of the river, unfolds in three chapters that describe the gradual transformation of the landscape and its environmental history: Fertile Land(Terra Fertile), Working Land(Terra di Lavoro), Land of Fires (Terra dei Fuochi). The longest river in southern Italy thus becomes a medium for telling the story of a contradictory territory, where enchantment, industriousness and anthropogenic devastation alternate. The water that flows through the land is like a palimpsest that rewrites the shape of the land, carrying within itself an archive of traces of experience.

Year of production 2022


by Claudia Amico, 30 min

This is WWF Italy's first exploratory sailing mission to the Arctic Ocean. A group of 7 experts, including marine biologists, mountain guides and naturalists, followed the wild and little-known east coast of Greenland to experience first-hand one of the places most affected by the climate crisis. In addition to sharing the breathtaking beauty of one of the planet's last remaining wild places, the journey illustrates, through first-hand accounts and interviews with experts from the European Space Agency (ESA), how the gradual disappearance of the ice is affecting the well-being of local communities and the lives of us all, but also how the climate crisis can be addressed through the smart use of technology, increased awareness and, above all, the will to act.
From a story by Isabella Pratesi, with contributions by Paolo Falco and Carlo Gabasio. Overalp - Biella.

Production year 2023


by IIC Melbourne, 35 min

Will we abandon the Earth or learn to take care of it? This documentary from Visioni: the Italian Ecoway of Lyfe Series, produced by the Italian Cultural Institute in Melbourne, poses the question to three young Italian researchers who have won international awards for their groundbreaking research. Mario Spera is a young astrophysicist from Sissa, (International Senior Institute of Advanced Studies); then there are the projects of space architect Valentina Sumini, who collaborates with Nasa on village projects on the Moon and Mars. And from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, there is the research on nanotechnology by Silvia Marchesan, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Trieste, who with her team is developing important applications in the fields of medicine as well as of everyday life. And from here to the suggestions of science fiction narrated by writer Alessandro Vietti.

Production year 2022


October 15, h. 3pm


by Davide Morabito and Luca Lancise, 52 min

In the vast spaces of the Colosseum, inaccessible due to the Covid-19 emergency, a small extended family of men and women continue to care for a fragile giant that has become their second home. Together, they face their greatest challenge: to build a new way to visit one of the world's most famous monuments, to reopen it to the public, and to secure its future.

Release date 2020

Twentieth-Century Backwash

by Maurizio Finotto, 8 min.

Currents collect and deposit plastic. Objects are returned, chewed, metabolized and deposited on the beaches as relics and memories of the past and everyday life. Suspended in a temporal limbo, they corrode, fight battles, wear out. They are pop symbols of twentieth-century culture, reminders of a people leaving traces of themselves―memory, nostalgia, consumerism. Seasons like geological eras, traces of lived life and incorruptible plastic. The signs that surface, faded and incomplete, tell us who we are and who we were.

Year of production 2019


by Formafantasma, 23 min

Cambio, from the medieval Latin cambium, 'change, exchange', is an ongoing investigation by Formafantasma into the governance of the timber industry. The evolution of this form of trade over time and its tentacular expansion across the globe has made it difficult to regulate. It grew out of the bioprospecting that took place in colonial territories during the nineteenth century and has become one of the largest industries in the world, both in terms of the revenue it generates and the impact it has on the planet's biosphere.

Year of production 2020


by Mali Weil, 1h13m

Forests tells the story of a long-forgotten relationship: that between forests and the West, and how something was born that was so important that it still affects our lives today. Forests are ubiquitous in the Western imagination. Perhaps that is because many things have happened in the forest: some have to do with law, some with language. All have to do with relationships. An evocation is a story, a fiction. But it is also a ritual that can overturn the categories through which we think about the world, our relationships, and the political space in which we―all kinds of "we"―exist.
Production: Centrale Fies Co-production: Mali Weil and Compagnia di San Paolo With the support of the Trentino Film Commission In collaboration with the Caritro Foundation
Production year 2022


by Gaetano Fracassio, 1hr

In the suburbs of an Italian city, everyday life takes on surreal tones, and a series of unlikely but real characters alternate between urban panoramas and and suspended lives that are a mixt of irony, dreams and necessity, leading the protagonist to say the only sentence in the entire film: "Welcome to the merry-go-round of love. If I didn't believe in love, I'd breed fish".

Production year 2021


by Giorgiomaria Cornelio, Lucamatteo Rossi, 27 min

Let's say we are still at the beginning. Let a magician trace a fairy tale that can be read as a geography of similarities and migrations, a memorial of the journey where the Ogham (the ancient Irish alphabet, the origin of cinema, the double gesture of carving lines on stone and film) meets and mixes with atlases, embroidered maps, tarot cards that we have scattered in the places where we have lived. A film of correspondences, not only as proximities, but also as approaches, encounters, coincidences, proposals of etymology: if the sky is an immense poem, Braille, pierced in the night of the film, is its celestial alphabet. Correspondences and revolutions in the fluid play of "hydrologies" that manifest, reinvent the world, and so on, from the iris to the flower, in the journey that never ends, never wears out: "Voyage that never ends." Year of production 2017